The Wild Parrots of Campbell

by Alex Riad

directed by Padraic Lillis

Design by McKenna DuBose 

In a rundown house of a California suburb, a group of loser twenty-something roommates find their slacker existence threatened when one of the friends invites a girl he met online to move in, igniting tensions and digging up the home’s past familial trauma.


 12/4/2019 at 7:00pm
 12/5/2019 at 7:00pm
 12/6/2019 at 7:00pm
 12/7/2019 at 7:00pm
 12/8/2019 at 2:00pm
 12/11/2019 at 7:00pm
 12/12/2019 at 7:00pm
 12/13/2019 at 7:00pm
 12/14/2019 at 7:00pm
 12/15/2019 at 2:00pm
 12/17/2019 at 7:00pm
 12/18/2019 at 7:00pm
 12/19/2019 at 7:00pm
 12/20/2019 at 7:00pm
 12/21/2019 at 7:00pm

Theatre/Venue Cherry Lane Theatre 

38 Commerce Street  New York

Phone Number for Reservations 866-811-4111 
Website for reservations  
Running time 2hr. 30min. 


Producing Organization: The NOW Collective, Inc.  
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