Spotlight on Nominee Gia Forakis 

Christopher Borg 
Gia Forakis, nominated this year for the NYIT Outstanding Director Award, is proud to have directed a play that received a whopping SEVEN nominations! In addition to the nomination for Director, “Blue Before Morning” is also up for the awards for Outstanding Ensemble, Production of a Play, Full Length Script (Kate McGovern), Actress in a Featured Role (Phyllis Johnson), Sound Design (Katie Down), and Lighting Design (Bruce Steinberg). At the end of this month you can catch her work on Chekhov’s classic “The Seagull,” produced by the National Asian American Theatre Company. I asked Gia about directing “The Seagull” and working Off-Off-Broadway: “The fact is, if this wasn't a risky endeavor I probably wouldn't take the job. Why anyone signs on for an indie project is NOT FOR THE MONEY! We do it for the challenge. We do it for the people involved and because there is some part of us as indie theatre artists that desires to push our limits and stretch our imaginations. "The type of work you get to do OOB is about taking theatrical risks, exploring and experimenting with ideas of storytelling and what the theatrical experience itself is, or can be. I often liken it to flying without wings because what makes it - any of it - exist and come to fruition are equal proportions of faith, fortitude, inspiration and imagination…we accomplish the impossible with every show. “The acknowledgement of the NYIT nomination really is a shot in the arm. To be in a city with more theater on a nightly basis than anywhere else in the world and feel that you have made something which made a difference to your community is significant and I haven’t felt this before.” Billed as “This is not your Grandma’s version of Chekhov!” Gia anticipates a production of "The Seagull" that is unlike any that NYC has seen; a non-naturalistic vision of Chekhov capitalizing on the humor inherent in the script and drawing from such diverse comedic sources as vaudeville, Commedia Dell'arte, the Marx Brothers, and Looney Tunes, while also spoofing multiple theatrical conventions. You can catch “THE SEAGULL: A COMEDY IN 4 ACTS” from September 29th through October 18th at the Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave (between 9th & 10th St). For more information, go to


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