OOB Has a New StageBuddy 

Morgan Lindsey Tachco 

It's getting harder for OOB. Journalism is on the decline, newspapers are tanking along with the economy - myspace flooded out, facebook is in - to twitter or not to twitter - what's an OOB theatre artist gotta do to get noticed around here? StageBuddy.com's answer: a new completely free, user-generated website for live performance events in New York City.

StageBuddy.com launched in September, and has provided a great solution for live performers to get the word out. In addition to listing information: synopses, pictures and logos, StageBuddy.com offers a true web 2.0 experience adding video uploads, profiles & interviews, and audience reviews & feedback. StageBuddy.com plans to get reviews online in the near future.

With your free account to StageBuddy.com, you even get free admission to StageBuddy's Weekly Night Live every Saturday night at the Times Square Arts Center. Without an account the tickets are just $5; the show features live interviews of and performances from New York theatre's movers and shakers by Dave Leftkowitz, former editor of playbill online. The icing on the cake? StageBuddy's Weekly Night Live has a 6pm curtain, and gets you out by 7pm, giving you just enough time to get to the theatre for an 8pm show!

Free, user-generated content, video uploads & interviews, plus a live weekly show previewing live performance in New York City? Head on over to StageBuddy.com to check it out.


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