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AUGUST 2013                              News from Off-Off-Broadway                                  Issue 99
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Awards Ceremony Set for Sept 30
Tickets Now Available

The 2013 Innovative Theatre Awards Ceremony will be held at Mason Hall at Baruch Performing Arts Center September 30.  
Tickets are now available at nyitawards.com


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2013 IT Party and Nominee Announcement Pix
Photos from the IT Party and Nominee Announcement 
Now Online

  • A.R.T./NY's Curtain Call - September 16 from 7-10pm
    All member companies of A.R.T./NY can send 2 representatives to this annual event to hear Executive Director Ginny Louloudes' "State of the Industry" remarks and a keynote address from DCA Commissioner Kate D. Levin. If you aren't a member of A.R.T./NY yet, now's the time to apply!
  • Fringe Madness
    The NYC Fringe Festival is deep underway, but it's not too late to check out some great shows. We know that you are bound to have friends involved in at least one of them! 
  •  Art Responds
    Lots of artists have been responding to the Trayvon Martin case in the creative way artists do.  Check out TCG's blog salon about the topic, and consider submitting a post. See what  The New Black Fest is up to. Or Willing Participant's slow-moving human sculpture in Times Square. How is your company reacting? How are you?
  • LIT Fund's Community Resource Grant
    Remember those 5 cents per ticket sold that you gave to the LIT Fund? Well, many of you probably applied for the inaugural LIT Fund Community Resource Grant opportunity (that was due this past Friday), but we want to make sure everyone is on the lookout over the next couple weeks for your chance to VOTE on which project should be funded to best support our Indie theatre community. Stay tuned at   

For details about these and other important activities affecting OOB and to see how you can help and get involved,  check out the Community Corner.   


The Importance of Communication

Productions place a lot of emphasis on communication in regards to Marketing and PR, but what about internal communication? 

It is important to maintain active contact with everyone involved with the production as they can parlay that into subtle marketing, ie: via Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.  Let's say something really funny happened at a rehearsal and a photo was taken, or there is a talkback at an upcoming performance, make sure that everyone in the company is fed the information (and you can always be specific about how you want that information shared). 

This is an information world, share it, and encourage others to share too!

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Awards Ceremony Sept 30
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Spotlight On: RadioTheatre




by Christopher Borg 

RadioTheatre, entering its 10th season, is a great example of a group with a very unique focus that has been able to find and sustain a niche audience in the non-commercial theatre world of Off Off Broadway. Described by its founder and Artistic Director, Dan Bianchi, as a "mom and pop" theatre company, they survive on ticket sales alone and do not ask for financial donations nor apply for grants.  Dan writes the scripts and does most of the behind-the-scenes work and he uses a loyal group of actors and crew to present it on stage. 

Over the years, between the theatre company and Dan Bianchi, they have racked up a whopping 8 IT Awards nominations, as well as a Drama Desk Award nomination and are even mentioned in this month's American Theatre Magazine for their H.P. Lovecraft Festival.  With Horse Trade as their co-producer for several years, they have called the Kraine and Under St. Marks home. 

I caught up with Dan and asked him a few questions about this intrepid member of the indie theatre community...


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Header Photos (L to R) 

Theater in Asylum's #Coriolanus; Less Than Rent Theatre in association with Horse Trade Theater Group's Beckett in Benghazi; 
Tin Drum Productions' Old Familiar Faces; 
AqUa MeRcUrY Creations' The Pregnancy of Angela Freak

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