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Helpful marketing and public relations tips for Off-Off-Broadway productions.
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  • Tweet and Engage

    Lately twitter has become a huge part of my public relations activity.  I have been tweeting @people I want to be interested in the work I'm representing, I have been RT tweets that I think are valuable, and I have been *Favoriting tweets that make me happy. Twitter is a great way to engage a new audience. Remember to use it as a conversation tool, and not a strictly marketing device, you need to CONVERSE and not just sell.  Talk to people. Talk @people. Talk with people. And find me on Twitter @KampfirePR if you tweet me a question, I promise to answer!


  • Post-Show theatre discussions

    Post-Show theatre discussions are a great way to build audiences and explore interesting aspects of your productions...but they can be ineffective--posing the same questions or interviewing the same candidates.  I came across this article "Post-show theatre discussions: presenting your 'DVD' extras menu" (theguardian.com) by John Walton, artistic director of theatre company Fol Espoir.  He created a "DVD extras" menu that they projected on stage after the performance.  The audience then had the opportunity to choose topics they wanted to learn more about from the selected items, such as ""The Greasy Spoon" – about the working relationship Freddie and [Walton] developed, rooted in our local cafe" . The material was all based in dramaturgy that they used to create the production (and most theater companies have that on hand).  Through this process they discovered a new method of post-show talk back that "a can add immensely to both the audience and performer's experience of a production."

    So, the next time you are planning your post-show discussion, think about a new avenue to delve deeper into your topic and encourage audience participation.

    (John Walton gave permission to reprinting this article.)


  • Network, Network, Network!
    Networking with your peers is the most important activity you can do each month.  How about attending the IT Awards on September 30th? Not nominated, no problem, come, support your peers, show them that you care -- the payback will be tenfold.  I always love Terry Schreiber's (T.Schreiber Studios) philosophy of not accepting comps to other showcases, he feels "I want people to buy tickets to my shows, so I will buy tickets to theirs."  Try to embody this and support each others hard work.


  • The Importance of Communication

    Productions place a lot of emphasis on communication in regards to Marketing and PR, but what about internal communication?

    It is important to maintain active contact with everyone involved with the production as they can parlay that into subtle marketing, ie: via Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.  Let's say something really funny happened at a rehearsal and a photo was taken, or there is a talkback at an upcoming performance, make sure that everyone in the company is fed the information (and you can always be specific about how you want that information shared).

    This is an information world, share it, and encourage others to share too!


  • Take the Time to Celebrate

    Come join us for a drink and party with the nominees. KampFIRE will be celebrating and so should you. This is an excellent opportunity for networking and meeting other people in the community. Support your fellow artists.


  • To Be, Or Not To Be (Covered By The AP) by Howard Sherman 6/20/13

    Ever so quietly this week, the national arts scene became a bit more fragmented, a bit more stratified and a lot more invisible. The Associated Press has just spiked regular coverage of opera, dance and off-Broadway theater. And in this case, no news is bad news.

    In an email, AP chief theater writer Mark Kennedy described the decision to me:

    "We sent out a survey before the Tonys to the members of our cooperative, asking about their use of our reviews," he wrote. "While music, books, movies and TV came back positive, the results proved what we have long suspected: Members overwhelmingly are not using our opera, dance or off-Broadway reviews."


    Please submit your thoughts and discussion about solutions on KampFIRE's Facebook page.


  • What do we do about diminishing print press?

    It's a brave new world with print press...

    On Friday, the Village Voice let go long time contributor Michael Musto and Chief Theater Critic Michael Feingold.  Two weeks ago, days before the close of the Broadway season, Back Stage announced that they were NO longer going to be reviewing ANY theater. On the phone with Adam Feldman at Time Out, I remarked "you're one of the last men standing..." and he acknowledged that and added "I am very saddened by the end of Michael Feingold's tenure at the Voice. The changing media landscape seems to offer less and less space for professional arts journalists, even the best of them." Even online listings and reviews from high-profile outlets are not guaranteed when the manpower is diminished and resources are scarce. Things are bad, and we are feeling it on our end, they are feeling it in their jobs.

    What do we do?
    We embrace what we do have: social media, online listings (that we manually upload), friends and family, our Indie Theater network--support EACH OTHER, support work that you believe in, embrace change, embrace strangers that are doing work that you are passionate about, network, use the phone, use yourself, create a new art of criticism, create a new outlet to get the word out, push on, newspaper and television replaced the town meeting, now we get to figure out what will replace newspaper. With the support of each other, our work will be seen, heard, interpreted, critiqued, amplified, and respected.


    You can't do it all alone, marketing and public relations for Off-Off-Broadway is a group effort. Want to reach beyond Friends and Family? Well, embrace Friends and Family! Put their network to work for you, empower them to help with marketing and sell tickets.

    Stressed out, not enough time, hire help! Hire a publicist, hire a marketing expert, hire someone to do your social media.  KampFIRE is offering 1/2 price mini-sessions, one hour intensive Marketing Konsults to help you hone your outreach and ensure you are targeting and reaching the proper audiences.

    Contact Katie today!


  • Win 1 Hour of Consulting with Kampfire PR
    by posting your Marketing/PR questions on our Facebook Page--on the thread titled "Questions from the Off-Off-Broadway Community".

    The best questions will be answered in the upcoming month's Kampfire Kounsel and everyone will be entered to win the consulting session.


  • Top 10 Tips for 2012
  1.     Focus on Customer Serivce
  2.     Use Facebook/Twitter to Market your show
  3.     Know your Audience
  4.     Use social media to share news and not just sell tickets/fundraise
  5.     Empower your team -- use everyone involved to market your show
  6.     Make your subject line irresistible
  7.     Take time for rest/vacation
  8.     Manage your email with a email management system
  9.     Value your small successes
  10.     Remember to have FUN!!!!!

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Kampfire Films PR is a full service Marketing and Public Relations agency founded by Katie Rosin, offering exceptional and custom campaigns for each client’s unique needs and projects. Rosin was instrumental in the launch of the Broadway musical Brooklyn and the National Tour of Mother Load. She worked on the publicity team for the comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, and his movie Comedian. Antonio Miniño later joined the Kampfire Team, after having produced and marketed various fashion shows, theatrical productions, as well as produced and hosted for the award winning Fashion TV. Together they have represented companies of all levels, genres and aesthetics in the Arts. Kampfire Off-Broadway highlights include: GLAAD Award Nominee, She Like Girls, Ohio Theater; …Another Man’s Poison, Jay Sharp Theater; Swimming With The Polar Bears, 45 Bleecker Street; Much Ado About Nothing & American Rapture, Beckett Theater; Glimpses of the Moon, Algonquin Hotel; IT Awards recipient, Elizabeth Rex, Center Stage; Mother Load, Sage Theater; Wasps in Bed, Beckett Theater; Anaïs Nin: One Of Her Lives, Beckett Theater; Triple Threat: 2007 Drama Desk Nominee (mis)UNDERSTANDING MAMMY: The Hattie McDaniel Story, Theatre 5. Kampfire clients include: 3Graces Theater Co., Astoria Performing Arts Center, BOO-Arts, Maieutic Theatre Awards, New York Innovative Theatre Awards, New York Neo-Futurists, Nicu's Spoon, Oberon Theatre Ensemble, Pascal Productions, and Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.

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