Spotlight On: Katie Kavett 

Chrisopher Borg 

"Kate of my consolation; hearing thy mildness praised in every town, thy virtues spoke of, and thy beauty sounded, yet not so deeply as to thee belongs, myself am moved to woo thee" 
                  ~ Wm. Shakespeare

Stage Managers, arguably the most unsung and yet indispensable members of the theatre producing team, are, themselves, outstanding. And Katie Kavett is the fourth person ever to be honored with the New York Innovative Theater Award for Outstanding Stage Manager. 

Kavett was a theatre lover since she first watched Annie Get Your Gun on Broadway at age 10, but she was halfway through a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Olin College before she realized that there was indeed a home for a super-organized brain with engineering skills in the theatre.

Katie was recognized in 2012 for her work on the Attic Theatre Company's The Time of Your Life. However, she has worked on dozens of other Off-Off-Broadway and Off-Broadway productions including Don't Go Gentle (MCC), Lonely I'm Not (Second Stage), Then She Fell (Third Rail Projects), Sky-Pony: Raptured (The Play Company), and Odyssey the Epic Musical (Araca Project). She has also worked on four NYMF shows, the West Village Musical Theater Festival, the Frigid Festival, and the Fringe Festival.  She has her sights set on one day calling a show on Broadway.

I caught up with this busy stage goddess to ask her a few questions!

BORG: So, Katie: was it a surprise receive the Outstanding Stage Manger's Award at the awards ceremony this year?

KATIE:  It was incredible! Awards for stage managers don't really exist, and that's something I've known since I started working in this field. To actually receive an award, to be recognized for my work in a field that's all about making sure everyone else can do their jobs, is such an honor and a thrill. I was incredibly nervous during my speech, since I'm not used to being the one onstage with all eyes on me, but it was wonderful to get to publicly thank some of the people who were so important in helping me succeed as a stage manager.

BORG:  As a stage manager what irks you the most?

KATIE:  When people are late to rehearsal!

BORG:  (gulp!) Noted!  And what makes you happiest?

KATIE:  Too many things to name….calling a perfect show for the first time…using all the Word and Excel tricks I learned while going to engineering school to make better charts to track information…

BORG:  Ha! Of course…the engineer that turned to theatre -

KATIE:  I love working with amazing theater artists who inspire me and who I love to watch perform/direct/design!  Every show creates a new family, since you all spend so much time together and everyone is working towards the same goal of putting on a great show. I love the load-ins where I can be working side-by-side with the director and one of the producers is painting the set.  I love the camaraderie that results from everyone on the show helping everyone else.

We love that too.  This Thanksgiving I say let's give thanks for Stage Managers.  And pie.  Stage Mangers and pie.


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