Freak Fiction in the FAB Festival 



Trav S.D. helms the Innovative Theatre Foundation's leg of Fourth Arts Block's annual FAB! Festival on Saturday, September 22.

The order of the day will be Freak Fiction: A bevy of indie theatre's most outlandish and grotesque performers will take their works off the page and bring them to life for the audience. On the scaffold:

  • The One, the only DANDY DARKLY!
  • The Incomparable LADY AYE!
  • The lyrical and fashion challenged BOBBY OAHU (a.k.a JOSH HARTUNG)!
  • The Impeccable JENNIFER HARDER!
  • Plus Li'l Ole, TRAV.S.D.!
  • et al!

And what's more, it's FREE! FREE! FREE!

   Saturday, September 22, 2012

    4:30pm until 5:30pm

@ the Kraine Theatre
85 East 4th Street

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The Innovative Theatre Foundation is of course the folks who put on the NY Innovative Theatre Awards. You can learn more about them here:

FABLogoAbout the FAB! Festival: In the heart of the East 4th Street Cultural District, experience the very best in Lower East Side arts & culture at the FAB! Festival. FABnyc brings together a wide selection of FREE performances by local artists, as well as diverse selection of performances and activities from FABnyc's partners throughout New York City. With multiple indoor and outdoor stages showcasing dance, theater, & music, local artisans and gourmet food vendors, art installations, hands-on activities for families, as well as workshops for professionals and amateurs, all packed into one city block, the FAB! Festival presents new and exciting experiences for residents citywide. learn more about it here:


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