2012 Nominee Announcement Program 


2012 New York Innovative Theatre Awards
Nominee Announcement

Monday, July 23, 2012

 Demo Hall / Carmine St. Center at Our Lady of Pompeii

New York Innovative Theatre Awards
Celebrating Off-Off-Broadway

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Nominee Announcers

Jolie Garrett
David M. Pincus
Cat Parker
Derek Shore
Tari Stratton
Kristen Vaughan 

Produced by Shay Gines, Nick Micozzi, and Akia
Stage Managed by Jak Prince & Nzinga Williams


Kampfire Films PR - www.kampfirefilmspr.com
United Stages - www.unitedstages.com
Kyden Machine Inc.  - www.kydeninc.com
Drew & Rogers, Inc. - www.drew-rogers.com

With a generous donations from Ted Greenberg and the Foundation for Fairer Capitalism, Don Russell and Starr Associates

Support for the Innovative Theatre Foundation provided by the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA)

We would like to thank our amazing volunteers who have helped made this evening special:
Alexandra Fokine, Amanda Berry, Andrea Cordaro, Anton Nickel, Ashleigh Herndon, Caitlyn Piccirillo, Carla Cheesman, Cindy Molina, David Fletcher, Debra Schaeffer, Derek Shore, Diana Byrne, Dylan Lubetkin, Ed Malin, Elizabeth Burke, Ellen Reilly, Gabrielle Nieporent, Heather Cohn, Hillary Cohen, Jak Prince, James Scruggs, Jason LeMaster, Joe Mathers, Kathy Kaumb, Khadijjah Mote, Louisa Pough, Luyu Zhang, Maggie Kissinger, Mark Costello, Maura Kelley, Michael Wiggins, Nancee Moes, Nolan Doran, Nzinga Williams, Richard Weksberg, Rob Bopst, Roseann Impellizzeri, Samantha Cooper, Santana Snyder, Sarah Norris, Stephon Pettway, Terrell Robinson, Theresa Taylor

2012 ballots were counted and results have been verified by Brendan Hendry of Hendry Financial


Innovative Theatre Foundation Staff

Shay Gines, Executive Director
Nick Micozzi, Executive Director
Akia, Company Manager
Christopher Borg, Communications Coordinator
Hillary Cohen, Judge Coordinator
Tzipora Kaplan, Project Manager
Desmond Dutcher, Judge Coordinator
Diánna Martin, Administrative Coordinator
Katie Rosin, Public Relations
Doug Strassler, Update Editor

Associate Consultants
Amanda Feldman
Sean Williams
Derek Shore

Nolan Doran
Alexandra Fokine
Maggie Kissinger
Khadijjah Mote
Gabrielle Nieporent
Caitlyn Piccirillo

Board of Directors
Jason Bowcutt
Shay Gines
Benjamin Hodges
Bob Lee
Roger LeFevre
Leone Rendon de Litt
Nick Micozzi
Linda S. Nelson


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