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DECEMBER 2011                        News from Off-Off-Broadway                            Issue 79
Doug Strassler, Editor 

Happy Holidays!



From all of us here at the Innovative Theatre Foundation, we wish you all a joyous holiday season filled with happy surprises and cheerful memories and the happiest and most successful New Year.


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David Tully Discusses
At Your Finger Tips Acting

Doug Strassler interviews actor and founder of the At Your Finger Tips Acting program, David Tully.

ITA: Where did the idea for AYFT come from?  

I have always been an actor, but in my early twenties, I ventured into teaching as well. For years, my two professions were like two ships passing in the night. Then one day, out of nowhere, (I'm not kidding) the two came together in a high school drama class I was covering. Working with the students on their monologues was inspiring, especially when I found out one of them auditioned for his chosen college's drama program using a monologue we worked on, and he got in. That day, teaching those students, I knew that I wanted to bring my two careers together and design an acting class. The concept I developed is based around one of my mantras as an actor, and really, as a human being. You have to be ready. You have to be well prepared.  "At your finger tips" is an expression used to describe something that is easily accessible. My goal is to train my actors to have everything they need, from emotional freedom to business materials, accessible, or rather, at their fingertips.

Read the full interview...



Great photos are imperative to your promotion process.

Great photos are one of the MOST important tools you have to promote your show. As theater is a very visual craft - and most of us are unable to video - photos are our best tool to express how the show looks and "feels". 
Here are three simple suggestions I make when requesting promotional photos:
  1. Use a professional photographer
  2. Do set-ups so that the photographer can get nice and close (even on-stage if necessary). Provide 3 to 5 important, action-driven moments in the show, and work around any sight lines
  3. Don't take full-stage photos, only 2-3 people in each photo at a time are necessary  

According to Adam Feldman, Listings Editor for the Off Off List at Time Out New York, they "don't have hard and fast criteria, but good photos are more and more important these days for a number of reasons. As content moves online more, that will be even truer. Just as a well-written press release gives us reason to have confidence in a certain show, a well-taken photo -- professional-looking, and ideally not just clear but also communicating the style and personality of the show -- instills trust that the troupe in question is serious."


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a yule log during the holidays.

We held a virtual town hall where we asked the OOB community for feedback on some questions about the IT Awards and you did not disappoint. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions. Check out the feedback:


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We close out 2011 with a bang:
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by Christopher Borg


Virginia Bartholomew

Virginia "Ginny" Bartholomew was nominated in 2011 for Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role for her portrayal of the infamous Scottish Queen in Redd Tail Theatre Company's production of Macb*th (in case you are reading this out loud at the theatre). Bartholomew is currently working Off-Broadway with the venerable Pearl Theatre Company, covering several roles in their fall production of Richard II, Shakespeare's exploration of corruption, ambition and greed at a time of enormous political chaos chronicling the shattering fall of one king and the meteoric rise of his rival. Richard II runs through December 24th at City Center.

The hard-working Bartholomew just closed her one-woman tour-de-force, Frankenstein with Mary Shelley, earlier this fall. Also produced by Redd Tale Theatre Company (whose mission is "to provide enlightening, entertaining sci-fi theatrical experiences that contribute to Humanity's next step forward") Frankenstein..., written and performed by Bartholomew, is based on the original text of the novel as well as sources from Mary Shelley's life, including personal writings and opinions of her horror masterpiece. Bartholomew guided audiences on a journey through the story through the voices of Shelley herself as well as the fictional voices of the Captain and even the Creation. Will LeVasseur directed and edited both Redd Tail productions.

Also, watch out for Ms. Bartholomew on the small screen as the "concerned" teacher Ms. Wellington in the LOGO feature film Teens Like Phil and as a wife and mother in That's What She Said starring Anne Heche & Alia Shawkat, which is going to Sundance next year!

For more information about Ginny you can visit her website: www.virginiabartholomew.com

And for more information and for tickets to Richard II, please visit www.pearltheatre.org.



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In our November Update we mistakenly stated that the terraNOVA Collective was the producer of the All For One Theater Festival. While terraNOVA curated several pieces in the festival, it did not produce the festival.

For more information about the All For One Theater Festival check out their website




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