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NOVEMBER 2011                         News from Off-Off-Broadway                             Issue 78
Doug Strassler, Editor 

Indie Theater Now
Offers Growing Catalog of Plays 


by Doug Strassler


We wanted to shine the spotlight here on a relatively new resource that has emerged. Indie Theater Now - New York Theater Experience's most recent project - is a website that acts as a digital library for the online era.

Indie Theater Now is essentially "iTunes for Plays," according to Martin Denton, the founder of nytheatre.com and the editor and publisher of the Plays and Playwrights series from NYTE Small Press. As he explains, the website contains lots of free content about the plays and playwrights who are published there, including an excerpt of every play in the online "library." Users can buy digital copies of plays for just $1.29, and can purchase multi-play subscription packs at a lower per-play price. They read the plays on a proprietary Flash-based reader that enables them to access the scripts they've purchased on virtually any desktop or laptop computer (and most Android devices as well) with an internet connection.

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A Tribute to Doric Wilson

by Chris Weikel

On Monday, October 10, 2011, friends and colleagues gathered at the Lucille Lortel Theater to celebrate the life playwright, producer and gay activist Doric Wilson.

was instrumental in the creation of what we now refer to as the Off-Off-Broadway movement, as well as the early gay rights movement. His earliest plays And He Made a Her, Pretty People, Babel Babel little Tower and Now She Dances were some of the first productions ever performed at the legendary Caffe Cino. Many of Wilson's close friends and colleagues from his days at the Cino shared their personal memories of Doric including playwrights William Hoffman, Robert Heide, and Jean-Claude van Itallie. All remarked not only on Wilson's enormous talent but on his devastating personal charisma, and on what a toweringly attractive figure the six-foot tall, red-haired Wilson was in his youth.


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What Happens When We Build It and They Don't Come?

We spend a lot of time making sure what happens on the stage is something we are proud of...but what happens when we have a fantastic production and no audience?  Here are some last minute  emergency measure ideas:

  1. Facebook and Twitter a discount code or free tickets
  2. Create an email blast for everyone in the show to send out for buy 1 get 1 free or a great discount
  3. Use a papering service. Kampfire has a huge list if you need some advice
  4. Use your networks, like the IT Awards, ArtNY, ect. to reach out to other theater companies to offer tickets
  5. Invite every actor who auditioned for the show to come for FREE (thanks Michael Roderick, Small Pond Entertainment)

For more helpful marketing tips check out  Kampfire Kounsel or the Kampfire Films PR website.


Returning you to your
regularly scheduled program

Clay McLeod Chapman told us about his 1st OOB experience - living in a closet at the Fringe. Jeff Lewonczyk advised us that  If You Meet Shakespeare on the Road, Kill Him. Christine O'Grady shared how Cossak Choreography is just a Click Away. And Stephanie Cox-Williams gave us the skinny on creating stage gore.

Over the next couple of weeks, the IT Foundation
seeks your feedback on a number of important items. Please let us know your opinion. Your Feedback Requested...

Check out the insights from your fellow OOB artists, share your thoughts and participate in the conversation.

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Community Corner   



  • Emerging Artists Theatre (EAT) fighting for performance venue EAT is hoping to hear this week whether or not the Department of Buildings will allow them to obtain a certificate of occupancy for the 45th Street Theatre and thereby take over the lease for this long-established performing venue. It has been a hard-fought battle that has included remeasuring the space, looking at building codes and addressing some outdated 50 year old paperwork. If the D of B rules in their favor, EAT will have a new home and the venue will continue to be a performing space for many OOB theatres. Read more ...
  • Are charitable giving incentives disappearing?
    New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON) urges Congress to retain giving incentives (tax breaks) that help support non-profits.
  •  OOB Audience Survey
    The Innovative Theatre Foundation is conducting the fourth part of our OOB research project. This study focuses on OOB Audiences. If you are an OOB Audience member, please take the survey today. If you have a production that will be performing in the next few months, we could use your help. Please email us at info@nyitawards.com.     


For details about these and other important activities affecting OOB and to see how you can help and get involved,  check out the Community Corner.

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Martin Dockery,
Jeff Grow &
Avery Pearson

by Christopher Borg


All For One Theater Festival

For eight years, the soloNOVA Arts Festival has presented some of the best solo shows in North America. And now terraNOVA Collective just announced its first annual All For One Theater Festival at Theatre 80 St. Marks.

According to the press release, the festival "presents outstanding solo shows that inform and inspire, together with workshops and panels to enhance the development and appreciation of solo performance.The festival serves as a curated gateway to a network of performing and teaching opportunities that All For One has begun, and will continue, to build."

Three New York Innovative Theatre Award nominees and recipients will be presenting one-off performances as part of the Festival, on November 15th and 16th!

Avery Pearson's Monster (which was nominated for a 2010 New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Solo Performance) performed by Avery Pearson and directed by Steve Cook, returns to the New York stage with Avery Pearson stepping into the skin of Daniel MacIvor's 16 characters. Peeling back psychological layers to reveal the heart of an individual experience, Monster dissects the true nature of evil

In Jeff Grow's Creating Illusion (which received the 2009 New York Innovative Theatre Awards for Outstanding Short Script and Outstanding Performance Art), directed by Jessi D. Hill, Grow explores the diverse facets of the art of illusion. Is it  entertainment or manipulation? Beauty or deception? Sleight-of-hand and surreal mind-reading combine in order to explore the tools of the art of creating illusion.

Wanderlust, a comic yet true story written and performed by Martin Dockery (whose show, The Surprise, was nominated in 2009 for Outstanding Solo Performance and Outstanding Short Script) is directed by Jean-Michele Gregory. It tells the story of a man's journey into Africa, trekking from the Atlantic to the Sahara where he demands an epiphany.

Other shows featured at AFO will include Roger Bonair-Agard's Masquerade: Calypso & Home, and Raoul Bhaneja's Hamlet (solo).

For tickets and information please visit: www.afofest.org

Also, applications for the 2012 soloNOVA Arts Festival are now available online and are due on January 9, 2012



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