THIRDS Melds Family Humor with Awareness 

By Doug Strassler 

Thirds - Leigh Williams, Laura Faith, Kelly StrandemoDS: What is Thirds about?
LF: Thirds is about three sisters who inherit their mother's house and can't agree on what to do with it. The eldest and youngest both want the house and the middle sister is in the middle. The show begins with the youngest sister building a wall through her "third" of the house. Things really heat up when a former neighbor arrives to check out the house for herself. It's a wonderfully relatable family drama that will make you laugh.

DS: How different is each of the characters from the actresses playing them?

LF: This one is difficult to answer. All the actresses have certainly found themselves in their characters but for the most part in real life they don't have the same life focus as their characters. At the same time, the sister love is certainly real. It is a really tight-knit cast, so the relationships ring true in the love the cast has for each other. It's a great ensemble of dynamic female characters.

DS: How long have you guys been working on this show?

LF: Heiress Productions found this play through a playwriting competition in the summer of 2010, and Thirds was chosen as a finalist. In May of 2011 it was read to an audience as part of Heiress Productions' Play Reading Series. After a wonderful audience response, Thirds was chosen to be the next Heiress show. This past fall, the script was drastically work-shopped by the director, Zac Hoogendyk, and adapter, Kevin Brewer, along with some of the actresses.

DS: Tell me more about Heiress Productions.

LF: Heiress Productions' mission is to do wonderful, enjoyable professional theatre to raise money and awareness for smaller cancer non-profits. Heiress doesn't necessarily produce plays about cancer; in fact, they usually hope to make their audiences laugh a little. They donate free advertising space in the show playbills to cancer non-profits and donate the ticket proceeds after each production to a different cancer organization. For Thirds, the proceeds will go to Hope and Heroes Children's Cancer Fund, a specialized cancer center for kids in Manhattan. In this way, Heiress pursues its mission to "fight cancer one show at a time."

DS: What do you hope the audience who sees this comes away thinking?

LF: We hope the audience enjoys themselves, reflects on their family relationships, and perhaps even learns about themselves. And we'd love it if they joined us in laughter!


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