Spotlight on Martin Dockery, Jeff Grow, Avery Pearson  

By Christopher Borg 



The first annual All For One Theater Festival just finished its run at Theatre 80 St. Marks.

According to the press release, the festival "presents outstanding solo shows that inform and inspire, together with workshops and panels to enhance the development and appreciation of solo performance.The festival serves as a curated gateway to a network of performing and teaching opportunities that All For One has begun, and will continue, to build.”

The terraNOVA Collective, producers of the soloNOVA Arts Festival, curated five of the solo shows that are a part of this impressive festival - including three New York Innovative Theatre Award nominees and recipients!

Avery Pearson's Monster (which was nominated for a 2010 New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Solo Performance) performed by Avery Pearson and directed by Steve Cook, returns to the New York stage with Avery Pearson stepping into the skin of Daniel MacIvor's 16 characters. Peeling back psychological layers to reveal the heart of an individual experience, Monster dissects the true nature of evil

In Jeff Grow's Creating Illusion (which received the 2009 New York Innovative Theatre Awards for Outstanding Short Script and Outstanding Performance Art), directed by Jessi D. Hill, Grow explores the diverse facets of the art of illusion. Is it  entertainment or manipulation? Beauty or deception?  Sleight-of-hand and surreal mind-reading combine in order to explore the tools of the art of creating illusion.

Wanderlust, a comic yet true story written and performed by Martin Dockery (whose show, The Surprise, was nominated in 2009 for Outstanding Solo Performance and Outstanding Short Script) is directed by Jean-Michele Gregory. It tells the story of a man's journey into Africa, trekking from the Atlantic to the Sahara where he demands an epiphany.

Other shows featured at AFO included Roger Bonair-Agard’s Masquerade: Calypso & Home, and Raoul Bhaneja’s Hamlet (solo).

For more information about All For One visit:

Also, applications for the 2012 soloNOVA Arts Festival are now available online and are due on January 9, 2012


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