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JULY 2011                              News from Off-Off-Broadway                                  Issue 73
Doug Strassler, Editor 

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Nominee Announcement


It is that time of year again! Time to celebrate some of the most outstanding OOB productions of the 2010-2011 season.



Please join us


Monday, August 1st


at the historic Off-Off-Broadway Venue

 Demo Hall / Carmine St. Center at Our Lady of Pompeii

 located at 25 Carmine Street (corner of Bleecker)


 from 7pm to 10pm


All tickets are $10 &  

they are on sale now!


The actual public announcement starts at 8pm, so come early, have a drink, get your picture taken and celebrate the 2011 nominees.


Why is the nominee announcement on August 1st? 

Read about the back and forth here.




Indie Theatre Week

July 23 - August 1, 2011    

How are you celebrating Indie Theatre Week? The Community Dish, United Stages and The Innovative Theatre Foundation have several events planned to celebrate this amazing community.

Indie Theatre Midsummer Classic and Picnic
Saturday, July 23rd · 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Central Park's 65th Street ballfields
with after party at Malachy's pub (72nd and Columbus)
Get more info

Life Offstage Podcast
Wednesday, July 27th
With Tim Errickson and Susan O'Connor
Get more details.
Check it out on the 27th.

Community Dish Meeting
Details forthcoming.

Nominee Announcement Party
Monday, August 1st · 7pm to 10pm
Celebrate the 2010-2011 IT Awards Nominees
See details above.

July 23rd - August st
We are dedicating our blog to Indie Theatre Week. For 10 days we host a different community member each of whom address the question "Why Indie Theatre?" See guest bloggers below.
Check it out .

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Our blog is so hot, it's like
Sunday afternoon!


Andrea Alton takes us on an hysterical tour through the New York International Fringe Festival. Check it out .


 July 23rd - August 1st is dedicated to Indie Theatre Week. Guest bloggers include:

Hamilton Clancy, Daniel Talbott, Heather Curran, Edward Einhorn, Erin Smiley, Hope Cartelli, Pete Boisvert, Diánna Martin and others.

Check out the insights from your fellow OOB artists, share your thoughts and participate in the conversation.

 IT Awards Blog

  BlogSpotWhen you're not producing, registering, performing in, or
 judging shows, please stop by FULL OF IT!

Community Corner   



OOB Audience Survey 
The Innovative Theatre Foundation is conducting the fourth part of our OOB research project. This study focuses on OOB Audiences. If you are an OOB Audience member, please take the survey today. If you have a production that will be performing in the next few months, we could use your help. Please email us at info@nyitawards.com.     

$20 Million cut from NEA in 2012

Americans for the Arts reports that on July 14th, the House Appropriations Committee passed their initial FY2012 Interior Department funding bill, which contains a $20 million cut to the NEA. Send a message to your Members of Congress and let them know how important the arts are to you. 


For details about these and other important activities affecting OOB and to see how you can help and get involved,  check out the Community Corner.


NYC's professional Playbill & Audience building resource

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Julie Halston presents Charles Busch
with the 2011 Luminary Award 

On June 27th Charles Busch was honored with the 2011 Luminary Award from the Innovative Theatre Foundation. Busch's muse, longtime friend and collaborator Julie Halston presented the award that recognizes an Off-Off-Broadway (OOB) alumnus who has reached eminence in their field and is an inspiration to others.

Halston regaled the audience with hilarious stories of performing with Busch in a "crack den" in the village. However she was quite sincere when she said, "Charles Busch is the most talented person I have ever known."

As a theatre major at Northwestern University, Busch was troubled by the fact that he was not getting cast.  In a recent interview for Primary Stages, Busch recalls thinking, "Wow, if I'm not being cast in university theatre, I may have a hard time with it in real show biz." Finding inspiration in the experimental theatre of the 1970's, Busch was especially drawn to Charles Ludlum who's Play-House of the Ridiculous and the Ridiculous Theatrical Company were breaking theatrical molds. "That showed me that a theatrical experience could be whatever I choose it to be. It didn't have to be just commercial theatre" says Busch. So he began to write, creating characters that he wanted to play. In the introduction to The Tale of the Allergist's Wife, he wrote, "I started out as a performer who needed lines to say and, through necessity, grew to be a writer."

As an OOB alumnus, Busch knows the challenges that face artists in this sector. Busch was one of the founders of the legendary OOB company Theatre in Limbo in 1984, where he honed his skills on such plays as Sleeping Beauty or Coma and Psycho Beach Party. It was the Theatre in Limbo's production of Vampire Lesbians of Sodom that first propelled Busch into the limelight. While he has achieved great success, he continues to be a part of the OOB community. He was the first host for the Innovative Theatre Awards in 2005, celebrating the Off-Off-Broadway community and his roots. His productions of Shanghai Moon (1999) and The Divine Sister (2010) both premiered at the OOB house, Theatre for a New City. His dedication, generosity and numerous talents continue to be an inspiration to his fellow artists.

"I'm enormously touched to be recognized by the Innovative Theatre Awards," says Busch. "From the beginning, my career has taken me on a twisted and frequently fascinating back road. I'm delighted if my experience has in some way illuminated that path for young artists to travel."

Busch's most recent work, Olive and the Bitter Herbs premiers at Primary Stages at 59E59 Theaters, July 26th - September 3rd. Get your tickets now .

Check out Charles' Primary Stages interview .

Read Shay's story about producing Psycho Beach Party in Salt Lake



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