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JUNE 2011                              News from Off-Off-Broadway                                Issue 72
Doug Strassler, Editor 

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Big Changes to
The Nominee Announcement

by Doug Strassler

There are some significant changes to the way that the nominee notifications will be done this year. Doug Strassler talked with Executive Director Nick Micozzi to learn about these changes.

IT: There are going to be some significant changes to nominee announcement this year.

NM: It's pretty exciting - there are two big changes: 1) Nobody will know who the nominees are until they are announced at the party on the 18th, and 2) we're cutting the admission price in half - down to only $10. Since we're not informing the nominees in advance, we're not giving out any comps to the nom party this year.* But to off-set that, admission will only be $10.

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SAVE THE DATE: 2011 Nominee Announcement

Monday, July 18th more details to follow.


The Importance of Being Earnest: Honest Marketing
Is your show the best theatrical experience in indie theater? Are you 100% certain about this? Your taste is what makes what you think about your art true and valid.  So how do you communicate your taste to others? the answer is with honesty and transparency.

Statistics show that we are living in a time when just via email the average person is bombarded with over 577 new marketing messages per week of which we retain less than 1%. It sounds like the odds are against us when it comes to marketing our productions (specially since social media and email marketing are the most affordable way to get our message across). Doesn't have to be.

 We are living in a time when big deceits are being revealed be it via wikileaks or twitter, and what this mean for us is that ticket buyers are extra sensitive about being lied to, which is why it is important to know  the qualities that make your show unique, real and honest to you and share that message with others. Don't let the "hype" of what others are doing take over your marketing campaign, this only happens when you lose sight of your ticket buyer's needs.

One of the best things indie theater has going for it is intimacy. Stop and think about it for a second... if you wanted to you could shake the hand of every patron that comes see your show. Could you do that in a Broadway run? and remember their names and get their feedback in person? So be transparent when selling your show, that ticket buyer could be your next best friend, or  next big donor.

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Happy Summer Solstice!

Celebrate the longest day of the year  

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Heidi Grumelot updated us on the Save UNDER St. Marks campaign, Joey Rizzolo challenged us to engage our audiences, Jack Cunningham told us about his new career as a playwright and Crystal Skillman proclaimed that OOBers are Problem Solvers!

We can't wait to see what our Guest Bloggers will say next.

Ron Bopst
Andrea Alton

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Theatre World v67

For the last 67 years, Theatre World has been documenting Broadway and Off-Broadway productions and has become the leading archivist of information for American Theatre. (There is more information about Theatre World at the end of this email.) In 2009 they began to include Off-Off-Broadway.
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NEA releases study on the value of the arts 
The National Endowment for the Arts has released a new report titled "Time and Money: Using Federal Data to Measure the Value of Performing Arts Activities," which measures the value of the arts in three ways: time spent on arts activities; organizational revenue and expenses; and direct consumer spending. Check out the full report


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Rising Sun Performance Company 

by Christopher Borg



Rising Sun Performance Company Ensemble

Venerable Off-Off-Broadway company Rising Sun Performance Company (RSP) is celebrating its 10-year anniversary!


On Wednesday, June 22nd, RSP will mark the occasion with a fundraiser and a retrospective anthology and reunion show highlighting productions from their past 10 years featuring scenes from audience favorites, returning artists, music, dancing and "celebratory toasts." We at the IT Awards salute our friends at Rising Sun - and we are always up for celebratory toasts!


Following that, opening on July 7th and running through the 23rd, will be Cravings, RSP's fifth annual one-act play series.  The series presents original works that "explore human desire and its consequences." Sounds juicy.


"It's unbelievable to think that my baby, my little tiny company that was just a seed of an idea is celebrating such a big milestone" says founder Akia. "I'm so proud of the work our company has done and I'm excited to look back on our 10 years!"


Founded in September of 2001, and a six-year veteran resident at Horse TRADE Theatre Group on East 4th, RSP is a company run by an eclectic company of theatre artists committed to ensemble performance through collaboration. Their mission is to "advance the vitality and diversity of American theater by nurturing artists, encouraging repeatable creative relationships, and contributing new works and revitalized pre-existing work to the national canon." They emphasize risk-taking, thinking outside the box and active participation in the Off-Off-Broadway community.


They have presented over 38 productions and events and have debuted twelve original works including Good Enough, Without, Music to Travel By, Southern Werewolf, as well as numerous one-act plays, musical cabarets,  series, free outdoor performances, and children's theatre events. In addition are the company's trademark revivals, including the acclaimed production of Hellcab, An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein, the recent The Last Supper and the IT Award-nominated production of Neil Labute's The Shape of Things.


On top of their permanent ensemble of actors, writers, directors, designers and dancers, they include a rotating roster of local, national and international guest artists, including performers, designers, playwrights, musicians, directors and technicians who work with the company on a show-to-show basis.


One of the hallmarks of this ensemble is their commitment to giving equal value to each member of the artistic team, from the board operators to the leading actors to the playwrights, designers and directors, they encourage a sense of artistic ownership from all involved on every level of production.




Members of the Ensemble are given a minimum of two roles a year, have access to free and low cost workshops/training, creative work and writing sessions, lab sessions, theatre outings, forums, website profile, networking and inclusion in a supportive community of peers. All are required to work technical positions throughout the season in addition to performing and are available for some of their several other programs: in the "Blank Check Program," one artist is selected each year to direct, write or adapt any theatrical piece of their choosing and RSP provides the budget, venue, production, cast, technical, and administrative support. There is also the "Aspire to Inspire" nights, in which RSP selects promising new scripts, directors, and performers and provides them with the tools, resources and production support for a NYC performance; the final result can end up as a full-length production, showcase, staged reading, or workshop. Usually the participants are making their NYC debut or are testing their skills in a new genre.


Rising Sun has been proudly affiliated and created strong working relationships with The Actors Studio Drama School, Dance Theatre Workshop, The New School for Drama, NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, The Theatre Development Fund's Costume Collection & Play by Play Program, Audience Extras, Theatremania Gold Club and Material for The Arts. Rising Sun is a member of ART-NY, League of Independent Theatres, The Community Dish, The Field & Fractured Atlas  


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