Meet the 2007 Honorary Award Recipients 


Each year the IT Awards presents 3 honorary awards. These awards provide us with the opportunity to recognize some of the individuals and organizations that have really made a positive impact on the Off-Off-Broadway community. This year we have the honor of recognizing some of the most influential people working Off-Off-Broadway today.

Artistic Achievement Award

Doric Wilson is often referred to as "the original Off-Off-Broadway playwright." It is a fitting title considering that he was one of, if not the, first resident playwrights at the legendary Caffe Cino (the first ever Off-Off-Broadway theatre). However the word "original" not only refers to Doric being one of the first, it also refers to his philosophy, style, undying dedication, courage in the face of adversity and sly sense of humor, the very qualities that have helped shape Off-Off-Broadway. He has been contributing work to and been an active part of Off-Off-Broadway for 48 years. A true visionary and pioneer and it is for these reasons that we award Doric Wilson the 2007 Artistic Achievement Award. TOSOS II website

Stewardship Award

The Alliance of Resident Theatres of New York (A.R.T./NY) has been providing support and services for Off-Off-Broadway companies and artists for 35 years. They facilitate training programs, roundtables, individual consultations and provide space for 384 theatre organizations in New York City. They are a leader, advocate, supporter and cheerleader for Off-Off-Broadway and it is for these reasons that we award A.R.T./NY the Stewardship Award this year. A.R.T./NY's website

Caffe Cino Fellowship Award

Drawing inspiration from a phoenix, which rises from the ashes to become something new and even more brilliant, Daniel Talbott founded the Rising Phoenix Repertory in 1999. According to their mission statement Rising Phoenix strives to learn from the traditions of the past and the teachings of the present to rediscover the craft of living theatre. If you were to read any of the reviews that they have received in the last 8 years, you would know that this group of dedicated artists is living up to their name sake. Doing site specific work, most recently in the tiny back room of a bar in the East Village, Jimmy's No. 43, they present extremely intimate, moving and thought provoking shows. For their dedication to the Off-Off-Broadway community, their commitment to stage quality work that continues to challenge and engage us, we present this year's Caffe Cino Fellowship Award to The Rising Phoenix Repertory. RPR's website


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