Spot Light On: The OOB Audience 

Christopher Borg 

With the Valentines Day flowers still fresh in the air and our minds still swirling with a chocolate buzz, we at the IT Awards aren't afraid to admit we are in love... in love with the Off-Off Broadway AUDIENCE. Mmmmm!

So, for February we turn the Spotlight around and focus it on the most essential element of theatre, the people to whom we owe it all, the people that literally allow our art to be realized, by sitting down and watching it. 
Admit it: you "like"-as-in-"LIKE" the Audience.  Clearly, you are madly in love with them: you talk about them in almost every meeting, and you are constantly trying to get their attention!
For whom do you write every joke, focus every light, say every line?  When you pull out your own credit card to pay for the perfect prop who is it that you want to impress?  Yep. The Audience. You got it bad, my friend.

You want them there at every night of every production of every play you have ever been a part.

The Audiences that frequent the New York Indie Theatre scene - and, incidentally, there are literally MILLIONS of them - are without a doubt the coolest theatre-goers in the modern world.

I know. OOB Audiences are savvy, open-minded, educated, opinionated, sophisticated, enthusiastic, rebellious, honest, fearless, bold, demanding.  They are SEXY.  And, - if you consistently produce good, challenging work- they are loyal!

They put up with cramped spaces, lousy chairs, cold vestibules, late start times, and then greet you eagerly. They will listen to your craziest ideas and watch you experiment with the the magic that is the most human art form. They will take chances with you and for you.

And all of us Off-Off-Broadway artists, writers, producers, directors, actors, designers, we owe the pleasure we get out of artistic lives in New York City to the Off-Off-Broadway Audiences who KEEP COMING BACK.

Like any good relationship, you have to invest in them; find out what their interests are; what they are excited about; get to know them a little bit better.

This is your chance to find out why they are coming so that you can keep them coming back!

February is a month for love! Now is the time to show them exactly how you feel.
Here's how:

If you are an OOB Audience member, please take the online OOB Audience Survey.
If you have a show going up now or over the next few months, please help us in conducting the most comprehensive study of the OOB Audience to date. Email us at shay at nyitawards dot com to find out more.


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