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OCTOBER 2010                               News from Off-Off-Broadway                                 Issue 64
Doug Strassler, Editor 

Shout Out to
Jaimie Van Dyke

On Monday, September 20th, Jaimie Van Dyke received the 2010 Outstanding Stage Manager Award from the IT Awards. Blessed Unrest's Artistic Director, Jessica Burr and Managing Director, Matt Opatrny presented the award "in recognition of her uncanny ability to think on the fly, her extraordinary organizing and communication skills, and for doing it all with humor and love for her cast crew."

Dave Edson has worked closely with Jaimie Van Dyke and shares his personal experiences of being on the road with this amazing stage manager.

By Dave Edson

Jaimie Van Dyke is fearless...or is she foolish? Perhaps both. Either way, I want her on my side.

The art of stage managing is delicately balancing the right things at the right times. And then if need be, switching gears at a moment's notice, staying cool all the while. Prioritizing and executing while multitasking is most definitely easier said than done and is certain to unravel the average mortal.


Use Video to Promote Your Shows

It's true, the AEA showcase code prohibits you from recording rehearsals or performances. (Be very careful to follow Equity's guidelines because you do not want to run into trouble with the union.)

However, you can still come up with clever content for your videos, like the Frog and Peach Theatre Company did for their current production of Cymbeline.  In this video they have Shakespeare "Terrorizing the Upper West Side" or create a video blog, like the NY Neo-Futurists did for (un)afraid.  Now you post the videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter...tag people in the videos, share them with your friends...help them go viral and you spread the word on your show without ever breaking AEA guidelines.

Read more here...

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Exclusive Backstage Interviews

Check out these backstage interviews with some of the recipients and presenters of the 2010 IT Awards exclusively at www.kampfirefilmspr.com.

 The New York Neo-Futurists             Crystal Skillman & Lucy Thurber
  Debra Monk                                          Jessi Zarrit
  Jennifer Harder                                        

Community Corner


The D.I.Y. Dilemma
November 8 at 7pm - Free Admission
D.I.Y. or "Do It Yourself" reflects not only a philosophy, but also the practical reality for many independent artists today. The Performance Project and The Incubator Arts Project team up to give independent artists a forum to openly discuss important issues related to creating original performance work in NYC. Join us for a conversation moderated by Jennifer Conley Darling from the League of Independent Theater. Learn More.

Free Night of Theatre

It is Free Night of Theatre Month here in NYC.
"Free Night of Theater could not come at a better time," said Domenic M. Recchia, Jr., chairman of the City Council's Finance Committee. "The City Council is proud to help support this program to ensure New Yorkers struggling to make ends meet can still enjoy a night out at the theater."
Want to get involved?
     * There are still tickets available
     * Attend the Free Night of Theater New York City celebration event on Monday, November 1, 2010. The celebration event will include guest panels, live performances and hours of entertainment

October is National Arts and Humanities Month (NAHM)?
Held every October and coordinated by Americans for the Arts, NAHM is the largest annual celebration of the arts and humanities in the nation. Communities across the United States join together to recognize the importance of arts and culture in our daily lives.

There are lots of NAHM events happening right here in the NYC area.

For details about these and other important activities affecting OOB and to see how you can help and get involved,  check out the Community Corner.

Hey, hey, good lookin',
Whatcha got cookin'?

We've got something cookin' up for you. Cat Parker asked "Who is OOB?", David Johnson told us that OOB doesn't need a self help book and Mark Armstrong passes on the best advice that he ever got about producing OOB.

We can't wait to see what our next bloggers have to say...

Upcoming Guest Bloggers
Tom Wojtunik        10/18 - 10/23
TBA                        10/25 - 10/30  
Cathy Bencivenga    11/1 - 11/6  

Check out the insights from your fellow OOB artists, share your thoughts and participate in the conversation.

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Header Photos (L to R) - 
Little Lord (a theater company)'s production of (oh my god I am so) THIRST(y), Duel Theatre's production of Tape, LaMaMa Experimental Theater Club's production of Bong Bong Bong against the Walls, Ting Ting Ting in our Heads, and The New York Neo-Futurists' production of (un)afraid.

For info on great shows currently running OOB, check out our website.



by Christopher Borg


Michael Cyril Creighton & Andy Phelan in MilkMilkLemonade

Opening at the end of the month at the Astoria Performing Arts Center is the quirky, runaway hit from 2009: MilkMilkLemonade.

An exciting move for the production which was produced last season by The Management along with Horse Trade Theatre Group to critical and audience acclaim. It's also good news for Off-Off-Broadway theatre fans as it features a talented team of notable indie theatre artists.

The show, by up-and-coming playwright Joshua Conkel, received 2010 IT Award nominations for: Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role - Michael Cyril Creighton; Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role - Nikole Beckwith; Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role - Jess Barbagallo; Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role - Jennifer Harder (who took home the award)

Jennifer Harder at the
2010 New York Innovative Theatre Awards

It also received Four Stars from Time Out New York and was voted Best Off-Off-Broadway Show 2009 by New York Press.

This production is being produced as part of the Astoria Performing Arts Center's 10th Anniversary season; APAC received the 2010 IT Award for Outstanding Production of a Musical and Outstanding Set Design (Michael P. Kramer) for Children of Eden as well as a nomination for Choreography (Christine O'Grady); under the direction of award-winning Indie Theatre artist, José Zayas.

The production features scenic design by Jason Simms, costumes by Sydney Maresca, choreography is by Nicole Beerman, sound by David Margolin Lawson and lighting by Bruce Steinberg who received the 2009 IT Award for Outstanding Lighting Design for Blue Before Morning.

Described by the New York Press as "an angry, bitter and very funny play about growing up gay in middle America," the play tells the story of Emory, an effeminate 11 year old farm boy (Andy Phelan) who lives with his chain-smoking, cancer-ridden grandmother (a gender-bending Michael Cyril Creighton) and his only friend, a doomed chicken named Linda (Jennifer Harder). Emory develops a relationship with the more-masculine pyromaniac boy down the road and leads the audience through a comic satire that explores issues of gender, sexuality, identity, life and death. All in one act!

I caught up with one of the cast, Michael Cyril Creighton and asked him what he thought when he heard the show was being re-produced so soon: "I was thrilled to find out the whole original cast would be reunited. Doing the show was a very special experience. Conkel has written a very funny, bizarre, touching and brutal play about what it's like to grow up a gay in America. It seems like the right time to be doing it again."

Since the New York premier, productions of MilkMilkLemonade have been launched in L.A., Ft. Lauderdale, and Austin.

Performances of MilkMilkLemonade begin October 28th at the Astoria Performing Arts Center, at the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church and run through November 13th.

For tickets and more information, please visit www.apacny.org.


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