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Katie Rosin 

Helpful marketing and public relations tips for Off-Off-Broadway productions.
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  • Great photos are imperative to your promotion process.
    Great photos are one of the MOST important tools you have to promote your show. As theater is a very visual craft - and most of us are unable to video - photos are our best tool to express how the show looks and "feels".

    Here are three simple suggestions I make when requesting promotional photos:
    1. Use a professional photographer
    2. Do set-ups so that the photographer can get nice and close (even on-stage if necessary). Provide 3 to 5 important, action-driven moments in the show, and work around any sight lines
    3. Don't take full-stage photos, only 2-3 people in each photo at a time are necessary

    According to Adam Feldman, Listings Editor for the Off Off List at Time Out New York, they "don't have hard and fast criteria, but good photos are more and more important these days for a number of reasons. As content moves online more, that will be even truer. Just as a well-written press release gives us reason to have confidence in a certain show, a well-taken photo -- professional-looking, and ideally not just clear but also communicating the style and personality of the show -- instills trust that the troupe in question is serious."

    Need a list of affordable professional photographers? Contact katie@kampfirefirefilmspr.com

  • What Happens When We Build It and They Don't Come?
    We spend a lot of time making sure what happens on the stage is something we are proud of...but what happens when we have a fantastic production and no audience?  Here are some last minute emergency measure ideas:
  1. Facebook and Twitter a discount code or free tickets
  2. Create an email blast for everyone in the show to send out for buy 1 get 1 free or a great discount
  3. Use a papering service. Kampfire has a huge list if you need some advice
  4. Use your networks, like the IT Awards, ArtNY, ect. to reach out to other theater companies to offer tickets
  5. Invite every actor who auditioned for the show to come for FREE (thanks Michael Roderick, Small Pond Entertainment).

  • Remember to thank your customers AFTER they purchase
    We do a lot to make sure that we can get customers into the theater.  But, once they purchase, what do we do to show them our appreciation?

    Once they are at the theater we make them feel comfortable, give them a great show, and send them on their way. 

    The Direct Marketing Association recently conducted a study that showed that customers are three times more likely to re-engage with a brand AFTER making a purchase. Wouldn't it be great to send your customer a thank you for purchasing, tell them 3 local restaurants (maybe set up a prix-fix with them), parking lots or subway directions.

    We need to remember to THANK them before the show -- with the above information -- and after the show with a nice note,  this will help with retention and company loyalty. This is an immediate opportunity to ensure a future purchase.

  • Be proud be LOUD!
    A new season is upon us and now is the time to promote your up-coming productions and all of your outstanding accomplishments - such as being nominated for an IT Awards.  

Ten Quick Tips on how to promote your exciting activities:

  1. Write a press release (Kampfire can offer some pointers, just email us at pr@nyitawards.com)
  2. Announce it on Facebook and share it with us on our facebook page - www.facebook.com/nyitawards 
  3. Announce it on Twitter - If you are tweeting the 2011 IT Awards festivities, you can use the hashtag #itawards11 to be included in the livestream
  4. Post it on your website
  5. Send out an email blast to your ticket buyers
  6. Add it to your poster/postcards for your next show
  7. Add it to your email signature
  8. Put it on your resume
  9. List it in your bio
  10. Put it in your latest company newsletter

  • Is it possible to take a summer vacation from marketing and PR?
    Unfortunately, the answer is “sort of.” Marketing and PR is an everyday occurrence when building your audience. You rely on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Linked In, Blogging, YouTube, etc., for a constant flow of information. You are used to using them to SELL tickets, but what about allowing them a vacation from sales and allow them to be tools of conversation, provide interesting factoids, or take photos of beautiful places around the country or world. The next time you have a strong message people may be more intent on listening than they were interested in some of the information you offered them in your down time. KampFIRE still has some low/free mobile sites to offer the community, use this summer to increase your conversation as well as your mobile presence.


  • Mobile is affordable and within reach
    FAB is doing it! Boomerang is doing it! Why aren't you?
    Kampfire is offering a FREE to LOW COST (ie: affordable for the Indie Theater Market) revolutionary unique mobile marketing tool catered specifically to the OOB market: KampFIRE Mobile!

    Every day, more people are using their phones to get information and make purchase related decisions. Will they find your show? Will they engage with you and purchase tickets? Will they share your project information with others?

    Using KampFIRE Mobile--THEY WILL!!!
Want to learn more? SIMPLY enter your information by clicking HERE
  • Robust, dynamic, sophisticated, branded mobile web platform, accessible on all web-enabled handsets and all major carriers.
  • Capture valuable watershed mobile browser traffic from traditional website
  • Utilize short code access with a unique keyword for text (SMS) access.
  • QR codes for use on your postcards, posters, and other marketing material.
  • Enhance emails with mobile-optimized embedded links
  • Featured click-to-call for ticket purchase
  • Branded send-a-friend feature embedded on all content pages Supplemental advertising on third party mobile sites.
  • Social network integration
  • Integration with traditional marketing campaigns, including print, radio, tv, online, social nets, etc.
  • No setup fees
  • No long term contract
  • Live launch in less than 2 weeks
  • 7 day/wk support


  • The Importance of Being Earnest: Honest Marketing
    Is your show the best theatrical experience in indie theater? Are you 100% certain about this? Your taste is what makes what you think about your art true and valid.  So how do you communicate your taste to others? the answer is with honesty and transparency.

    Statistics show that we are living in a time when just via email the average person is bombarded with over 577 new marketing messages per week of which we retain less than 1%. It sounds like the odds are against us when it comes to marketing our productions (specially since social media and email marketing are the most affordable way to get our message across). Doesn't have to be.

    We are living in a time when big deceits are being revealed be it via wikileaks or twitter, and what this mean for us is that ticket buyers are extra sensitive about being lied to, which is why it is important to know  the qualities that make your show unique, real and honest to you and share that message with others. Don't let the "hype" of what others are doing take over your marketing campaign, this only happens when you lose sight of your ticket buyer's needs.

    One of the best things indie theater has going for it is intimacy. Stop and think about it for a second... if you wanted to you could shake the hand of every patron that comes see your show. Could you do that in a Broadway run? and remember their names and get their feedback in person? So be transparent when selling your show, that ticket buyer could be your next best friend, or  next big donor.


  • Don't Wear All the Hats All at Once
    If Kampfire were to create a survey to find out why artists multitask the way they do, we are pretty sure the results would show the biggest reason is money. When most of an OOB budget is allocated to rehearsal and performance space, it is hard to bring on all of collaborators we need and we end up wearing more hats than a congregation at a Baptist church on Sunday.

    Take marketing and PR for example; how important is it to hire a representative instead of doing it yourself? Sure there are the obvious factors, if we aren't experts in the field and especially if we don't have the contacts, a marketer or press rep is a must - but what if we possess the ability to do both things?

    Recently my colleague Antonio had to step up at the last minute and direct a pretty challenging show for which he was originally on board as marketer and PR rep. Could he manage all three? Yes, and he is very capable doing all of these aspects. But could he give each area the focus that it required? Could he maintain perspective of the project? Big No.

    Thankfully, they succeeded with the help of a marketing committee and a publicist, but for a second he was going to wear all the hats all at once. Fortunately he saw the perils of being an island in an art where collaboration is key.


  • Keep up on theatre related news
    The wonderful thing about the monthly newsletter from the Innovative Theater Foundation is the monthly marketing tip from Kampfire--of course! But what if you are looking for more regular/daily advice, here are some of my favorites:

These are just a few. If you are interested in going mobile, like FAB, Boomerang, and more text the word "Kampfire" to numbers 99222 and subscribe and/or email us at press@kampfirefilmspr.com.


  • 10 quick to do's before you start pre-production (KampFIRE's NYU class cliff notes)
  1. Get tickets on sale (theatermania, brownpapertickets)
  2. Make a great postcard
  3. Gather lists of friends/neighbors/collegues of all cast/crew ect.
  4. Join an e-mail service like Madmimi.com or constant contact
  5. Make a website via Weebly, google sites, or dreamweaver
  6. Get great professional photography (2-3 people, in costume, staged, 4x6, 300dpi)
  7. Make a Facebook page for your company and an event for your production
  8. Consider social media ads: ie: Facebook/Google low-cost high ROI
  9. Hire a publicist


  • Email lists, are you using them properly?
    You are collecting email addresses at your shows and via ticket sales, but are you utilizing those addresses once you have them. Here are twelve tips from the experts (from a seminar that I recently attended):

  1. Try sending emails on weekends
  2. Send email early in the morning (ie: 6 am)
  3. Optimize your emails for mobile (people are reading emails on their phone--and looking at the web, so make sure your website is mobile ready too)
  4. Use lots of links in your emails
  5. Use reference material in your emails--don't just make them sales pieces
  6. Serialize and label your emails (ie: Monthly newsletter)
  7. Give your subscribers special access like advance discounts
  8. Send email from someone they've heard of
  9. Don't be afraid to send too many emails
  10. Your newest subscribers are your best
  11. Make them want to get your emails
  12. Ask people to follow you, not just share your emails 


  • No Website, No Excuses
    The benefits of a website go without saying: increased visibility, increased ticket sales, and increased donations.

    If you don't have a website now, or your website is desperate for an update (or your website designer has the codes and is the only person who can regularly update it), here is a way you can do it now without the unique knowledge of CSS, HTML, XHTML, FLASH, ect.

    You could try and make your blog (blogger, wordpress, etc) look like a site, or there are free website services like Weebly that have helpful templates that will make your website  look like a web designer worked on it just for you.

    Check out Kampfire's new site at www.kampfirefilmspr.com and follow this link (http://www.weebly.com/link/HK3V3h) for a special KampFIRE discount to WEEBLY for your new professional looking website is just a few clicks away.

For more helpful marketing & public relation tips check out these blogs by Katie Rosin:

And be sure to visit the Kampfire Films PR website.

Kampfire Films PR is a full service Marketing and Public Relations agency founded by Katie Rosin, offering exceptional and custom campaigns for each client’s unique needs and projects. Rosin was instrumental in the launch of the Broadway musical Brooklyn and the National Tour of Mother Load. She worked on the publicity team for the comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, and his movie Comedian. Antonio Miniño later joined the Kampfire Team, after having produced and marketed various fashion shows, theatrical productions, as well as produced and hosted for the award winning Fashion TV. Together they have represented companies of all levels, genres and aesthetics in the Arts. Kampfire Off-Broadway highlights include: GLAAD Award Nominee, She Like Girls, Ohio Theater; …Another Man’s Poison, Jay Sharp Theater; Swimming With The Polar Bears, 45 Bleecker Street; Much Ado About Nothing & American Rapture, Beckett Theater; Glimpses of the Moon, Algonquin Hotel; IT Awards recipient, Elizabeth Rex, Center Stage; Mother Load, Sage Theater; Wasps in Bed, Beckett Theater; Anaïs Nin: One Of Her Lives, Beckett Theater; Triple Threat: 2007 Drama Desk Nominee (mis)UNDERSTANDING MAMMY: The Hattie McDaniel Story, Theatre 5. Kampfire clients include: 3Graces Theater Co., Astoria Performing Arts Center, BOO-Arts, Maieutic Theatre Awards, New York Innovative Theatre Awards, New York Neo-Futurists, Nicu's Spoon, Oberon Theatre Ensemble, Pascal Productions, and Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.

Katie Rosin
Publicist New York IT Awards


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