Spotlight on Jeff Grow 

Christopher Borg 

JeffGrow at the 2008 IT Awards

“Seeing is believing, but perception can be manipulated for beauty or deception” -- Jeff Grow

Save the date now because Jeff Grow, accomplished magician and performance artist, is reprising his runaway hit of 2009, Creating Illusion, which took home 2009 Innovative Theatre Awards for both Outstanding Solo Performer and Outstanding Performance Art Production. And judging from the amazing performance that I saw at the IT Awards “Cabaration” benefit in May, I have no doubt he will be making tickets to the limited 2-performance run at PS122 disappear before our very eyes!

If you are like me you tend to be cynical about magicians, thinking of them less as performance artists and more as gimmicky variety acts, but even in the short set I witnessed, it was clear that Jeff’s low-key and honest style of magic is neither cheesy nor gimmicky and creates a genuine cross-over genre. When asked what he enjoys about working in indie theatre, Grow said, "the people and the community that is created. I love (good) festivals…one gets to meet and hang out with extremely driven, intelligent, creative, and often @#&*! hilarious people. It takes a lot of extra ordinary effort to produce theatre…in order to take it all on, one has to be a little out of their mind - which, actually, is even more delightful - meeting and hanging out with folks who are a little out of their minds!"

Besides Creating Illusion, Jeff (a handsome fellow who has also appeared in films and TV commercials) has presented his stage shows Magicians, Wise Fools & Ordinary Magic, and A Story About Magic in New York and at venues across Europe. He has been featured in the City’s top venues and boasts a long roster of corporate clients. He consults on film, commercials and theatre, including recent productions for Arena Stage and Long Wharf Theatre. Creating Illusion is being produced by East River Commedia in association with terraNOVA Collective as part of the fourth annual undergroundzero festival at PS122. Described as “a journey where elegant sleight of hand and insight into human behavior collide to dismantle everyday experience and tempts us to question: Why do we choose to believe the unbelievable?” Creating Illusion will run July 17th & July 18th, for times and tickets you may visit


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