Jackie Hoffman: Hostess With the Mostess 

Doug Strassler 

I recently spoke with Jackie Hoffman on the eve of CABARETION!, on which she will be serving as host. Here is a taste of what is to come next week.

Why did you decide to host CABARETION?

JH: They asked me.

DS: Do you miss the days of working in Off-Off-Broadway productions?

JH: Not really, as long as I can bring the "Off-Off-Broadway" in me to whatever production I'm in.

DS: Do you have any particularly favorite moments -- either good or bad -- from your time in the Off-Off world?

JH: All of them from the plays I've done with Amy and David Sedaris; and all from the productions I've done with the Tweed Theatre Company, I think the entrance after the transformation into womanhood in the live version of the movie "Imitation of Life", which was called "Imitation of Imitation of Life."

DS: What do you think about the IT Awards, and their mission to honor and bridge the members of this community?

JH: Is that what their mission is? I really had no idea.

DS: What can people look forward to at next week's benefit?

JH: Filth and fun.

Don't miss the filth and the fun at CABARETION! May 17th at Carolines on Broadway. 

Tickets are on sale now!


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