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FEBRUARY 2009                               News from Off-Off-Broadway                                 Issue 42
Emily Sandack, Editor 

2009 Honorary Award
applications are now available

We are pleased to announce that applications for the 2009 Honorary Awards are available online now and are due by 6pm on May 1, 2009. 

* The Artistic Achievement Award, presented to an individual who has made a significant artistic contribution to the Off-Off-Broadway community;

* The Stewardship Award, presented to an individual or organization demonstrating a significant contribution to the Off-Off-Broadway community through service, support and leadership;

* The Caffe Cino Fellowship Award, presented to an Off-Off-Broadway theatre company that consistently produces outstanding work. This award also includes a grant ($1,000-$5,000) to be used toward an Off-Off-Broadway production.


Archive Building Theatres Saved

By Shay Gines

The four theatres that are currently housed in the Federal Archive Building on Christopher Street (Wings Theatre, Theater for a New Audience, Interborough Repertory Theater and Epiphany Theatre) have been given a reprieve.  Thanks to the dedicated work of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Community Board 2, other city and state agencies and the attention of concerned and outspoken members of our community, these theatres along with four other non-profits will be able to keep their homes.

Read the rest of the story....

Public Forum on
Small Theatres in NYC


16 Gramercy Park South

Manhattan Community Boards One, Two, Three, Four and Five are coming together for an unprecedented joint Public Forum on Small Theaters. Small theaters are an important part of the sustainability and resilience of small businesses and local economies; small theaters are an economic engine because they encourage residents to spend in their own communities and draw additional audiences from around the City and beyond for early evening activities.

Come, share your thoughts and get involved.

Check out the details here.
Does your company need storage?

So do we! The IT Foundation needs storage space and we are wondering if there are any companies in our community that might want to be our roommate.

If you are interested, please email us at info@nyitawards.com.

We promise we won't leave hair in the sink.
2009 IT Awards Calendars       2009Calendar          ON SALE NOW 

Keep track of all of your important dates with this fun and fancy 2009 wall calendar featuring some of Indie theatre's hottest artists and their outstanding productions.
Flying Frisbees! Moving Moments: The 2008 DVD is on sale now, and includes all the outrageous moments from the 2008 New York Innovative Theatre Awards Ceremony, plus backstage interviews with recipients and presenters including: Edward Albee, Lisa Kron, Bill Irwin, Martin Denton and Rochelle Denton, Judith Malina and more.
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2008 Awards Photos
Ceremony, red carpet, and backstage photos of you and other star OOB artists all dressed up and looking swell: Over 2,500 photos to choose from in the  2008 Photo Gallery.


How do you feel about Obama's plan to "Ensure Tax Fairness for Artists"? Where you one of the first to hear about the Public Forum on Small Theatre in NYC?

We're talking about it on our Staff Blog!

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When you're not registering, performing, or judging shows, please stop by the IT Awards Staff Blog!
Header Photos L to R:
Astoria Performing Arts Center's production of Ragtime, Working Man's Clothes' production of Fresh Kills, Literally Alive Children's Theatre's production of Treasure Island, and CollaborationTown's production of Let's Go

For info on great shows currently running OOB, check out our website.



by Christopher Borg   

Mac Rogers - 2007 Nominee

This month we turn the spotlight on Mac Rogers, the author of Universal Robots, opening this week at Manhattan Theatre Source.

Playwright, actor, blogger and cute nerd, Rogers is arguably becoming an Off-Off-Broadway rock star!  Nominated for the Outstanding Actor in a Leading Role award in 2007, Rogers is one of the most Google-able artists working in our community.

Although recognized at the It Awards for his intense and sympathetic performance on stage in Nosedive Productions' The Adventures of Nervous-Boy (A Penny Dreadful), Rogers is probably better known as a playwright and is one of the exciting new voices in the indie theatre scene:  Playscripts, Inc. published his play The Second String, Universal Robots was included in NY Theatre Experience's anthology "Plays and Playwrights 2008," and Hail Satan won a FringeNYC 2007 Outstanding Playwriting Award. Along with Sean and Jordana Williams, Mac wrote Fleet Week: The Musical, winner of a FringeNYC 2005 Outstanding Musical Award and has had New York productions of Dirty Juanita, The Sky Over Nineveh, and The Lucretia Jones Mysteries.

Universal Robots, directed by Rosemary Andress, is based on Czech playwright Karel Capek's 1921 play R.U.R. "Rossum's Universal Robots", the play that introduced the term "robot" (coming from the Czech word "robota" meaning "forced labor") and the concept of robots, to the world. When World War II began, Capek, who was known for his books on the fear of social disasters and dictatorships, refused to leave Czechoslovakia and was persecuted, along with his brother, Josef (also a writer) by the Nazis. Josef would later be captured and eventually die in a concentration camp.

Rogers' play goes further than mere adaptation and explores of Capek's own amazing and tragic story.  Quoted in a New York theatre blog, Rogers says:

"I didn't want to write an adaptation...I had a whole new idea: a play about Capek - but not the real one, an imaginary Capek inspired by certain facets of the real one. I wanted to take aspects of his real life, and then mash them up with plot elements from R.U.R. to create a science fiction story about the enormous forces that radically change our societies, and the flawed, complex human beings who try to harness and steer those forces..."


Open now, Universal Robots stars Esther Barlow, Jason Howard, David Ian Lee, David Lamberton, Michelle O'Connor, Ridley Parson, Nancy Sirianni, Tarantino Smith, Ben Sulzbach & Jennifer Gordon Thomas and runs through March 7, 2009 at the Manhattan Theatre Source.  For tickets call (212) 501-4751 or check out the website.

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