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JUNE 2009                               News from Off-Off-Broadway                                 Issue 46
Emily Sandack, Editor 

5 Year Birthday Party & Nominee Announcement

June 1st marked the end of the 2009 season, which means that the nominees will soon be announced. 

It also marked the 5 year milestone for the IT Awards.

Please join us:

MONDAY, JULY 20, 2009
at the historic Off-Off-Broadway Venue
Demo Hall / Carmine St. Center at Our Lady of Pompeii
located at 25 Carmine Street (corner of Bleecker)

from 7pm to 10pm

The actual public announcement starts at 8pm, so come early, have a drink, get your picture taken and rub elbows with some of the most talented and exciting theatre artists in New York City!
Tickets are on sale now on our website for $15, on a first-come, first-served basis!  $20 at the door.

Dishing about "The Dish"

By Tim Errickson

Welcome to The Off-Off Broadway Community Dish! Never heard of The Dish before? Then let's fix that.
"The Dish" is a meeting place and forum for the Off-Off/Indie theater community to share ideas and resources. Founded in 2002 by Zachary Mannheimer (then Artistic Director of Subjective Theater), the genesis of The Dish was to bring together community members over a potluck meal with the hope of developing a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. Zach believed that the independent theatre community needed to get to know one another, so that everyone didn't feel as though they were isolated in their own battles. His concept was simple and perfect: gather people together with food and wine, then let conversations and networking happen naturally. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Read the full story....

Outstanding Stage Manager Award

Yes, you heard right an award for the often unsung heroes of the stage.

Since the very inception of the IT Awards, we have wanted to develop a means of recognizing the unique, necessary and often overlooked role of the Stage Manager.  As a part of the celebration for our 5th year, we are excited to be able to present the inaugural Outstanding Stage Manager Award.

Learn more....

Community Corner

This is a new feature where we will report on happenings, events and issues facing Off-Off-Broadway.

1st Annual Indie Theatre Midsummer Classic
Save the date - JULY 26, 2009 from noon to 4pm.

Join the New York Innovative Theatre Foundation, The Community Dish, The League of Independent Theatre and United Stages for the 1st Annual Indie Theatre Midsummer Classic (Softball Game and Picnic).

Check out the details.

Additional Funding for the NEA
House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee, which sets the funding level for the NEA approved a $15 million increase for the NEA for 2010. Help support this additional funding.  Find out more.

Cultural Data Project
Pew Charitable Trusts is about to launch the Cultural Data Project (CDP) in New York State.  This project emerged out of a common need for more robust research, advocacy and policy discussions with and about the cultural sector. Find out more at the CDP website

Also NYSCA who is a part of the task force for this project is interested in hearing about how you feel this project could benefit you and your organizations. Please send your feedback to NYSCA program staff at cdp@nysca.org

For follow up to these and other important activities affecting OOB and to see how you can help and get involved,  check out the Community Corner.


Did you vote for the New York Theatre Experience to receive the "Show Your Impact" grant from Microsoft? Have you marked your calendars for the Indie Theatre Midsummer Classic? What do you think about the increased funding to the NEA?

We're talking about it on our Staff Blog!

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When you're not registering, performing, or judging shows, please stop by the IT Awards Staff Blog!
Remember the 2008 Awards Ceremony?

The flying frisbees! The moving moments. The Trashcanolog...
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2008 Photo Gallery
2009 Wall Calendar

Header Photos L to R:

Cross-Eyed Bear Productions' Suckers, Terra Incognita Theater's Pebble and Cart Cycle, Boomerang Theatre Company's production of The Comedy of Errors and The Queens Players' production of Macbeth 

For info on great shows currently running OOB,
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by Christopher Borg  

Desiree Burch in 52 Man Pickup

"Sometimes I think that there are more than two "Offs" that separate me from Broadway."
~ Desiree Burch

Here at the IT Awards, we love hearing about former nominees and recipients collaborating together on new, exciting work!

So, this month we spotlight the collective talent of THREE such nominees/recipients as Working Man's Clothes announces their upcoming production of 52 Man Pickup created & performed by Desiree Burch and directed by Isaac Byrne!

Working Man's Clothes is the venerable Off-Off-Broadway company who's production of To Nineveh: A Modern Miracle swept the 2006 IT Awards, receiving a record 6 IT Awards (including Outstanding Production of a Play) as well as multiple nominations in '06 and '07.

Isaac Byrne, the director of To Nineveh, received the Award for Outstanding Director for that production (and has announced that he is getting married in September)!

Desiree Burch, a New York writer, comedian, performer of color was recently featured in New York Magazine's "Ten New Comedians that Funny People Find Funny." She was nominated in 2006 for Outstanding Ensemble for Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind (in which she is currently performing through the end of June) with the New York Neo-Futurists, 2006 recipients for Outstanding Performance Art.

These talent power-houses have teamed up on Burch's acclaimed solo 52 Man Pickup, created from Burch's work as a writer/performer in Too Much Light and as the host of the NC-17-Rated Literary series Smut at the Galapagos Art Space.  In it, Burch blends stand-up and true-life storytelling with audience participation and improv to create an evening about sex, romance, dating and hooking-up (or not) in New York.

Says Burch: "I actually never sat down to craft this piece, it started in 2006, by needing material for Smut.  I would tell my stories and people were interested!  It has been a really transformative process to examine this part of my life in New York and I hope people are invigorated by it. Off-Off Broadway is the only place a piece like this could exist!"

In a nod to the late Spaulding Gray, Burch shuffles a deck of cards at each performance to reveal dirty stories, poetry or parting gifts. According to Director Isaac Burns: "about 95 percent of the show happens in a completely different sequence every night - like a jazz quartet going crazy, but on sex and comedy.  It is virtually impossible to control what is going to happen but it requires you to be prepared for any and all possibilities."

Featured in the 2008 NYC Fringe, the production was accepted into the prestigious Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August but New York audiences can catch a sneak preview in July as part of the East to Edinburgh Festival at 59E59: Working Man's Clothes Presents

Created and Performed by Desiree Burch
Directed by Isaac Byrne and Jessica McVea

East to Edinburgh Festival
July 16-18, 59E59-Theater C
tickets and info at www.59e59.org

And the Laughing Horse Free Festival

August 7-30, 2009 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
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