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AUGUST 2009                               News from Off-Off-Broadway                                 Issue 48
Emily Sandack, Editor 

5 Year Birthday Party & Nominee Announcement

The New York Innovative Theatre Awards celebrated it's 5th birthday and announced the 2009 nominees at its annual nominee announcement event at the Carmine Street Recreation Center.

On this beautiful summer evening, a well dressed and enthusiastic crowd gathered to share a drink, rub elbows and celebrate the fantastic 2009 season. Camera crews roamed the room and photographers flashed away as OOB artists enjoyed their time in the spotlight. And... a special award was presented.

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Why is Brooklyn a great place for theatre?  Our Brooklyn-based nominees give us some insight.
Tickets are on sale now for the 2009 IT Awards Ceremony on our website for $25, on a first-come, first-served basis!  $30 at the door.

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Portrait of an Arts Advocate as an Exhausted Woman

It has almost been six months since the public forum this past February regarding the state of small to mid sized theaters in community boards 1-5.  This community-wide gathering was called to address what theatres must do to sustain our companies and venues during the current economic crisis that has greatly diminished our funding, resources, and rehearsal and performance spaces.

So what has happened since then?

Alaina Noel Feehan gives you her impressions of the OOB  advocacy movement.

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Community Corner


Space for OOB in the Hudson Rail Yards
The Theater Task Force of Community Board 4, recently provided recommendations for the development of the Western Rail Yards (WRY). Space for small theatre was a priority in those recommendations. Read the recommendations and let us know what you think.

Reports on NYC's Performing Arts Community
To help accurately gauge just how deeply the performing arts community in NYC has been impacted by the current economic climate, NYC Performing Art Spaces has created 2 reports based on their recent surveys. Read the reports.

CBs Statements of Need
Once a year all of New York's Community Boards submit a list of their District "Needs" to the City. This year, the Arts and Theater Tasks Forces of CB3 and CB4 worked together in crafting their texts which included strong support for small theatre and arts spaces. Check out their Statements of Need.

For details about these and other important activities affecting OOB and to see how you can help and get involved,  check out the Community Corner.

Boisterous, Bottomless, Buoyant, Blog

What did you do for Indie Theatre Week? What was the staffs most memorable nominee moment? Do you think there is room for OOB in the Hudson Rail Yard development?

We're talking about it on our Staff Blog!

We regularly post personal entries and updates on both Blogspot and Twitter. Those of you who are already familiar and comfortable with RSS feeds are welcome to subscribe or follow us on either format.

When you're not registering, performing, or judging shows, please stop by the IT Awards Staff Blog!
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2009 New York Innovative Theatre Awards

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by Christopher Borg  

Lauren Kelston

It is thrilling to see our past nominees explore the boundaries of their art form and get recognition for it!  Lauren Kelston, nominated in 2008 for Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role for her performance in Millfire with Retro Productions, has been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Musical in the Planet Connections Theater Festivity for her performance in Twin Towers, written by Damian Wampler and directed by Angela Astle.
She can also be seen at the end of this month in the screening of the movie "Last Night in Brooklyn" by Cypher Productions.  
In the film, Lauren plays Allison Roberst, who suffers from schizophrenia and is so dulled by medication and isolated that her hallucinations become her only companion.  After a terrible and embarrassing birthday night out, that results in Allison being mugged by a desperate thug, the con artist feels guilty for what he has done but in his attempt to make good, ends up involving her in his escape from mobsters, looking for stolen cash.  Through a series of events, they begin to realize that their lives and the lives of everyone they knew have been deeply intertwined and dark secrets and family lies begin to surface as they are chased through what will be their last night in Brooklyn.
Lauren, on the transition from stage to film says:  "I enjoy both theater and film but my heart is definitely on the stage.  I love the thrill of a live audience and being able to live a character's complete story arc, and then see how it changes every night. My work Off-Off-Broadway and my theater training helped me immensely as I tried find the character of Allison.  I was able to dig deep to find different emotions and live in the moment which luckily my director appreciated, having come from a theater background as well."
"I learned a lot about myself and grew a lot as an actor and faced many challenges throughout the filming, including having to film scenes with [the imaginary CGI'ed character] Moo with empty chairs.  It's hard enough acting and reacting when you have a real live person to talk to, it's much harder when it's empty space and just a voice!"
You can catch the screening in New York on August 29th at 8pm at Anthology Film Archives, 32 2nd Avenue, New York, NY.  For tickets and more information is available on the Cypher Productions website

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