Asa Wember: 2009 Outstanding Sound Design 

Christopher Borg 

Fresh from receiving the 2009 New York IT Award for Outstanding Sound Design for his work on Flux Theatre Ensemble's Angel Eaters Trilogy, Asa Wember has already designed their next offering: The Lesser Seductions of History, by August Schulenburg, directed by Heather Cohn.


The Lesser Seductions of History follows ten characters through each year in the 1960’s, as their lives and identities are radically transformed by the violence and exuberance of the changing times: the Civil Rights movement, the Free Love movement and the Vietnam War. 


The production runs through November 22nd at The Cherry Pit.


Asa Wember on working Off-Off Broadway: 


“Theatre is collaborative and transitory.  Working Off-Off Broadway has a way of highlighting these qualities.  On The Lesser Seductions of History, almost every member of the cast participated in the load-in, painting and cleaning, hanging lights and stacking chairs – we were all in it together, and it is this feeling of connection and camaraderie that makes the long and repetitive hours of work bearable, even enjoyable.”


“The absence of a defined support industry spurs artistic aims higher, just to get noticed - the runs can be short and this 'flash-in-the-pan' feeling fosters a desire to make something memorable, something beautiful and meaningful that will have a life larger than a few short weeks.”


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