From the Honorary Awards Committee

We are very proud of the work being done Off-Off-Broadway and we are excited to recognize the hardworking artists that make it all happen. Every year we find ourselves wishing we could recognize everyone that has made an impact on this community. Unfortunately we simply can’t.

Each application for the honorary awards is read thoroughly by a 6 member sub-committee who deliberate and discuss each application in detail. Finalists are discussed in a meeting of the entire Awards Committee. Having read many applications, the Awards Committee members have compiled this advice that might help improve your application.


  • Don’t be modest! Tell us why your applicant deserves this award. Be specific and persuasive.
  • Tailor your application to the IT Awards. Just changing names from a grant application, etc., may not result in an application that best addresses the aim of these honorary awards.
  • Be aware of who we are. The IT Awards is dedicated to celebrating Off-Off-Broadway and so our focus is on fostering the theatrical community here in New York. The Honorary Awards Committee is an eclectic group of people, all with a real knowledge of the Off-Off-Broadway landscape and have a personal interest and commitment to Off-Off-Broadway. We are your colleagues, fellow producers and artists.
  • Speak to us in your own words and you own voice. We're not "grantors" or "funders", we're a panel of your peers.
  • Look at our past award recipients to get an idea about what we are looking for from an honoree.
  • KEEP APPLYING. There are many interesting and worthy applicants that we would love to recognize, but we can only select one applicant per award per year. If you are not selected one year, please don’t get discouraged - apply again. You may have been in the top three and next year could be your turn..


For the Caffe Cino Fellowship, the Committee is looking for a company with a proven track record of producing Off-Off-Broadway, that contributes to this community, is dedicated to producing Off-Off-Broadway and will benefit from the fellowship.

  • Originality: avoid using application clichés or overused theatrical terms when describing your work.
  • Bring out the personality of your company and highlight unique features of your work. Emphasize what distinguishes your company from other Off-Off-Broadway companies. Sometimes it is a challenge to pinpoint what it is about your work that distinctly identifies you, however if you can tell us what makes you special, it will help set you apart.
  • While the focus should be on your productions, take time to highlight any other programs that your Company might be involved in.
  • Tell us how your company and/or its members are involved in, and contribute to the Off-Off-Broadway community.
  • We always want to know how you will use the money. We encourage you to give us an idea of what your up-coming season will look like (you don’t need specific details like dates, but let us know what projects you are considering.) And tell us why you are excited about producing these projects.


For the Ellen Stewart Award, we are looking for individuals or organizations that have provided leadership or services for the Off-Off-Broadway community at large.

  • Be a cheerleader. Tell us how this applicant has helped you and/or others in the Off-Off-Broadway Community.
  • Give us examples of their leadership and how that has made an impact on Off-Off-Broadway theatre.
  • Give us examples of the services they offer and how they affect the people working Off-Off-Broadway.
  • Give us the history of their work and highlight why it is important.
  • Give us a sense of how many people in the community are affected by/benefit from these services. (If they are a service organization, provide some statistics.)


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